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Mohler talks Warren and Inauguration

December 20, 2008

Dr. Al Mohler is talking about Obama’s selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation at his Inauguration. While he doesn’t outright criticize Warren for accepting, he does give reasons why he would have declined.

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  1. December 20, 2008 8:34 pm

    Inviting Rick Warren to speak at the Presidential inauguration is tantamount to inviting O.J. Simpson to speak at a women’s shelter.

    Evan Wolfson guesstimates we will have Federal Marriage Equality in about 30 years (which would almost certainly require equality in employment and the military also).

    So we need to either EMBRACE the fact that most of us over 40 will NOT see Full Federal Equality in our lifetime and remain “patient” as our civil rights crawl to the finish line…- OR – We could begin to TREAT the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT as it treats US.

    Two American Myths:

    * Equal Protection Under the Law (except for gays)
    * Separation of Church & State (except when the law applies to gays or a woman’s womb)

    When Obama invited this “christian” to his speak at his inauguration, he invited a man who believes the Q-community are INFERIOR; “less than”. Let’s quit sugar-coating these turds! Being asked to “respect other’s opinions” doesn’t fly when those “opinions” are harmful lies about an entire segment of the population. Those “opinions” are tantamount to the extremely offensive beliefs and ideas our country once had about “negros” and “wives”, words and ideas that would NEVER FLY TODAY at an inauguration. Words and ideas that would incite riots today.

  2. cland13 permalink*
    December 21, 2008 2:02 pm

    Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what harmful lies Warren believes about the “Q-Community.” It’s obvious you aren’t looking for a discussion about these issues, but rather, an avenue to vent. That’s fine, I’ll just tell you that as a Christian I disagree with you on this issue, but I don’t hate you and I’m not scared of you.

    As Christians we believe that true happiness can only be found in Christ. I’m sorry that more Christians are trying to change your mind politically than they are by building a relationship with you and showing you the love of Christ. I hope one day you can experience Christ and his Church as I do.

    Blessings, Caleb

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