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Southeast Engine Daytrotter Sessions

February 11, 2009

Southeast Engine’s newest album From the Forest to the Sea is out next week and I’m waiting with eager anticipation…and you should be too! If you still aren’t convinced, check out their Daytrotter Sessions and listen to three songs off the new album. You can pre-order the album here.

Here’s a bit about the content of their upcoming album from their website:

“The exploitation of the earth is analogous for the main character’s personal life. He has achieved the American dream; money, family, success. Happiness? No, the American dream is hollow. He cheats, he is selfish. He satisfies himself. In “The Forest III” we hear, “so I lose my sense of direction, I follow every scent I’m acting on my instincts, despite there consequence” Is it possible that the pitfalls of the American dream and of religion are that what you’re supposed to want is not always what you need? In “Sea of Galilee” we are still searching. The main character tries to walk on water and sinks to the bottom, a man not immune to gravity or imperfection. But sometimes you need to hit bottom to rise up. Remnant sings, “When my body lands on the floor, somewhere no one has ever been before, somewhere too dark to explore, that’s where I’ll be restored, down at the bottom of the sea I find the heavens opening”. There is redemption at the bottom.

Southeast Engine has never been a band that is afraid to question God, love or purpose. They are distinct among musicians who deal with faith in that they explore the fragility, beauty and uniqueness of each individual’s covenant with God in their songs as opposed to simply proselytizing. Rebirth may be a miracle, but there is something to be said for its less sensational but natural progression: growth. From the Forest to the Sea shows that the ability to grow and change is the true touch of the Divinity, be it in nature, consciousness or in the ears and hearts of you, the listeners.” 

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