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And speaking of Doug Wilson…

March 25, 2009

He’s in rare form today on his “Blog and Mablog” on Obama’s economic policies, Romans 13 and Christian Submission to authorities…

Now, take a really simple example. We finally have universal health care (yay! free medicine for everybody! unlimited medicine like there is no tomorrow!), and then, to the shock of pretty much everybody, we find ourselves with six month waiting lists for basic care. Free for everybody a long time from now. Your six-year-old daughter gets a terrific tooth ache that is not in any way life-threatening, but just makes her life miserable. You are on the universal (and apparently interminable) waiting list, but it is going to be a while, sorry, ma’am. But you have a dentist friend in the church who will take care of her tooth after hours, and he will do it tonight for a simple cash payment. What do you do? Your options are:

1. Wait for the legal treatment. Make your daughter sacrifice for the socialist cause. Teach her that toothaches build character.

2. Get the free market treatment, but confess your sin afterwards. Feel real guilty about it.

3. Get her the free market treatment, and go home whistling.”

Read his entire post here.

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