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Book Review: Ender’s Game

August 25, 2009

I haven’t had as much time to read lately. I was putting down 5-6 books a month until April 22, when my son was born. Now, with fatherhood and a new job, I’m lucky to finish one. Maybe that is one of the reasons I enjoyed Ender’s Game so much. It was easy to read and packed with meaning and truth. A Sci Fi book written on a young adult level, this book is full of ideas and discussion starters. Politics, the military, the purpose of education, genetic engineering and more are merely hit on in this book.

However, it was the central story line that was so fascinating. Ender is a genetically engineered boy designed to be the ultimate weapon, the battle commander to destroy the “buggers,” an alien force that attacks humanity, once and for all. Although he is revered and prized for his excellence in violence, he despises it. He is torn between saving a humanity he does not know and his distaste at destroying a race of aliens he comes to know all too well. It’s a story about friendship, leadership and self-sacrifice for the good of others. Ultimately it is a gospel story about a boy who sacrifices himself to save two populations.

This book is highly recommended.

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