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Wilson on America

February 22, 2010

Douglas Wilson is having similar ideas as me on the subject of America today, though he says it much better. He writes:

“In North America, evangelical Christianity has been the predominant form of the faith, and has been for several centuries. During this time, our nation has walked away from Jesus Christ, and has been teaching the world to do the same. The false gospel of secularism is a false gospel. This happened on our watch., not on Wright’s. Piper rightly cautions Wright about what certain blurry spots in his gospel will lead to. I agree with that. But the blurry spots in the gospel of contempory evangelicalism is not something that will lead to bad consequences, but is rather something that has led to them. We are neck deep in them.”

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  1. February 23, 2010 3:11 am

    Who are these people kidding? Evangelical America (or perhaps more accurately, the evangelical South) has lasted significantly longer than Anglican England and Catholic/Lutheran Europe and Orthodox Russia/Syria/etc. The main problem is not evangelicalism; it’s that too many people have abandoned evangelicalism.

  2. cland13 permalink*
    February 23, 2010 2:43 pm


    No one’s arguing that we are worse than the churches in Europe. However, they aren’t our standard. That’s like saying, “Sure I’m an emotionally detached unemployed husband who sits around playing video games in my underwear all day, but at least I’m not having an affair and physically abusing my wife!”

    No one’s going to say that guy is a good husband. Our standard as a church (like our standard as husbands) is Christ. We aren’t living up to that standard, or to the Great Commission. I just posted some statistics on that in my latest post, you might check those out.

    Thanks for the comment,
    Caleb Land

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