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Teenage Homosexuality Statistics

October 28, 2010

I’m a big fan of Kevin DeYoung, and I agree with the logic of his latest post which disproves the overblown statistics of AOL Health which says that 1 in 10 teens have had a homosexual encounter. However, I’m worried, not confident, but worried, that DeYoung’s article might minimize the reality of a serious, serious issue that this generation of teenagers is facing. As someone who works with teenagers all day, every day, I believe I have some insight into the reality of this growing problem. Here was my response to his post, and I’d love to hear yours:

I don’t care what the statistics say, if we aren’t at that point yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were in a VERY short time.

I teach public school students through Christian Released-Time Education ( for more info on what that is) in a rural, 1 High School county in Georgia that would be considered the heart of the “Bible Belt.” In this town, of the 145 students who enroll voluntarily in our Christian elective Bible classes at least 5% are “out” about their own homosexuality and from our surveys around 90% think people should be free to be homosexual if they want.

I would say that the issue of homosexuality is THE #1 BARRIER for teenagers, both here and in a larger town where I served as a youth pastor, that keeps them from believing the gospel. There is scarcely a week that goes by that I am not questioned about it or asked to defend the orthodox Christian position.

I know people blow up statistics (we use examples like this to teach logic here at the CLC all the time) BUT PLEASE DON”T MINIMIZE THIS ISSUE FOR THIS GENERATION! It wouldn’t surprise me if those statistics were true, but even if they aren’t, the reality of this issue in the lives of most teenagers is going to be, and already is, one of the most pressing issues of the day.”

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