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Is Live Action Wrong to Deceive Abortion Clinics?

February 28, 2011

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the work of Live Action, a student led Pro-Life group, in exposing the wickedness and unlawful behavior of Planned Parenthood clinics, but here is a video that should get you caught up fast:

Now this video has spawned a bit of a debate in the Christian “blogosphere.” See some criticism of Live Action here and here for instance. Is it ok to lie in a situation like this?  While many concerned Christian bloggers are worried about Live Actions methods, I answer an emphatic YES! Yes, deceive in order to publicly display the wickedness of the abortion industry. For heaven’s sake…do we not realize that actual lives are at stake! This isn’t just a political talking point, this is war, and a little deceit in nonviolent resistance is a wartime necessity.

To further flesh out this point I would encourage you to read this brief sermon on 1 Samuel 19 and Psalm 59 from Douglas Wilson. Here is his concluding thought which bears weight on the issue at hand:

“The issue is God’s law. Those who won’t deceive when God’s law requires it are likely to be the same ones who will
lie when His law forbids it.”

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  1. John Book permalink
    February 28, 2011 3:58 pm

    I am totally in agreement with you on this subject.
    I used to be a fraud investigator…lied to the bad guys every so often…and felt good about it.

    But, as Christians…are we not between a rock and a hard place? We believe it is ok to lie in this case… because we are morally correct. But, the next time and the next person believing THEY area morally correct…and lies…. are they ok? What if we disagree with their ideas?

    When is a ANY sin ok? What do we tell our children about Christian honesty? What do we teach our kids about honesty?
    Do the ends really justify the means if we disobey God’s commandments? Do two wrongs really make a right if we are “doing God’s work?”

    I tell you, I am really torn on this one!!!

  2. cland13 permalink*
    February 28, 2011 5:44 pm


    I hear you man. The writers of the critical articles were very convincing, but I really like Wilson using God’s standard from the Bible of right and wrong during wartime on this one. I’ve also heard Wilson say, “There’s a deeper right than being right” before and think it holds a lot of truth.

    For instance, if a 5th grade student has an abusive, alcoholic Dad so they are late for class, if one of the other kids asks, “Why were they late,” it is true to say, “They have an abusive alcoholic for a Dad,” but it would be wrong to do so. There is a deeper right than being right. That may seem like an apples and oranges analogy (and I would see your point) and I don’t think the ends justify the means, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a deeper right than being right.

    The biggest thing for me is that, real lives are being ended for money, lives are being changed, murder is reaping a profit. Someone has to expose the lies and, in the spirit of non-violent resistance, if the system is protecting law-breaking, lying murderers they need to be exposed.

    It isn’t an easy answer, but I am thankful for Live Action because they are doing something when most of the rest of us just wish abortion would end. I cannot criticize their deception because it reveals so much truth.

    • John Book permalink
      March 2, 2011 2:29 am

      I like what you said. Thanks. You cleared up some thoughts. I especially like and agree with your last paragraph and your last line! Thanks again.

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