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Caleb Land

dscf00292 I’ve been involved in ministry to teenagers since 2002 and am currently the Director of the Gilmer Christian Learning Center, a released time Christian Education ministry to public school students in Ellijay, GA. I also write and preach at various churches whenever I’m afforded the opportunity. I am married to Emily and we have one baby boy named David. I am passionate about the pursuit of righteousness in all areas of life by reforming the heart and mind through the Word of God.

I graduated from Reinhardt College with a B.A. in History and am currently continuing my education in Seminary. I would love to have a dinner with Vincent Van Gogh, John Calvin, John Donne and King Alfred. I think I would benefit from Van Gogh’s sight, Calvin’s insight, Donne’s manly poetry and King Alfred’s fearsome Godliness.me_david

If you’re interested in having me speak or teach, please view my speaking/teaching page then send me and e-mail inquiry to

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